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Top 5 Ways to Remain Mentally Present on Your Wedding Day

The phrase 'living in the moment' isn't just for hippies. It is great advice for those who are getting ready to tie the knot. Many brides go into what I like to call Dissociative Bridal Syndrome. We have all experienced this feeling before on another scale. You are living through one of the best moments of you life, but you can't really ground yourself and take in the awesomeness of the moment. Your brain has gone into auto pilot and has already decided to experience it through the picture later instead. But, you don't have to experience this with these 5 tips on staying grounded and mentally present for your amazing day.

What can you do?


Before your wedding, practice and research the art of mindfulness. This art often involves meditation and practice, especially for the busy thinker.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take a breath. Simply draw a deep breath and let it out through your nose.

  2. Notice your surroundings.

  3. Revel in your senses. Feel the flowers, the energy, and the joy

  4. Be open to the moment

  5. Let go of the logistics and remain grounded

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